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RTCX est une solution de collecte et de gestion de "Consumer Data" intégrant une analyse sémantique à un panel communautaire. La capture et le traitement des données est effectuée grâce à une intelligence artificielle. Nos clients sont dans le domaine des médias et de la relation clients. Nous proposons également des services associés de co-création et de consulting ponctuelles avec l'objectif de soutenir nos clients dans la mise en application de leurs stratégie d'"Audience/Consumer Engagement". L'entreprise est actuellement implantée en France et au Canada.

Chief Technical Officer - Member of Senior Management Team

  • Machine learning
  • Intelligence artificielle
  • Amazon Web Services
  • big data
  • Python
  • FullStack
Supérieur à 80K€ / Année Participation : Supérieur à 25% CDI Publiée le 18/08/20

Description de l'offre

We've been scrappy so far, but we now need a full-time CTO to join us as a "late" co-founder to help us continue to build and grow the business. --- Do not bother applying or contacting us if you are not already in the Paris region; you will be ignored. Yes, this post is in english, but that's on purpose as the ideal candidate is equally comfortable en français, as in english.--- The ideal person will have a combination of top technical chops (software development, as well as some data analysis and experience with AI/ML, in particular NLP/NLG), be a good communicator (to join us in talking to prospective clients and investors, as well as managing a small team in the near future), and also have an entrepreneurial spirit. Where we're at now: We've buit a first prototype of a social media listening system as well as a basic system for recruiting, managing and interogating market rersearch panels. We now need to build the NLP/NLG link between the two systems to allow for automatic generation of questions to send to the panelists; we need your help with this! We've had our first few paying clients. (Yay!) That being said, we don't generate enough revenue to pay ourselves a salary. We're scraping together some resources to further convince the right person (you, perhaps?) to join us. We're applying to investing-accelerators and early-stage VCs to provide a capital boost to allow for hiring a few engineers, which you would manage. In summary, you would be our lead developer, part-time data analyst when needed, manager of our first recruits, and full co-founder with us. Don't be shy, get in touch to learn more about the venture and the initial team. We're looking forward to getting to know you and working together! www.rtcx.io @RTCX_io