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At Publibee, our goal is to help doctors and researchers find information they can trust. In Medicine and biology, 85% of the 2000+ new articles published every day are useless or unreliable. Reliance on false information costs lives and seriously impacts the discovery rate of treatments. Publibee is a search engine and commenting platform connecting researchers to search and discuss academic articles. Our ambition is to create a crowdsourced evaluation model in which hundreds of experts dissect and assess the quality of each article. This will allow doctors and researchers to better understand which information they can trust, enabling them to provide the best possible care to their patients and discover the next generation of treatments.


  • FullStack
  • Team Management
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
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Description de l'offre

Your mission As the Chief Technology Officer of Publibee, your role will be decisive for the success of the company. You will: • Participate in strategic decisions as a member of the founding team • Build and manage an A-class technical team • Create a scalable product that will directly impact the work of millions of researchers and physicians around the world • Short-term: supervise the creation and the release of the MVP and participate in the fundraising process • Medium-term: supervise the creation and the implementation of: o a new search engine to facilitate information retrieval o AI tools to process and analyze information from users’ contributions in the following applications: ▪ Information summary ▪ Information assessment ▪ Trends analysis ▪ Advertisement ▪ Moderation Your profile You are a good fit for Publibee if: o You want to build and manage a team of top-notch engineers o Your main work values are performance and collaboration, and you want to work with like-minded teammates o You know your limits and know when and where to seek help o You are a full-stack developer o You master Javascript and one or more other programming languages o You know how to deliver software at scale o Your English is solid Preferably o You have a minimum of 3 years of professional experience o You know how to design and implement databases o You have a strong interest in AI If you don’t know if you check all the boxes but like the project and want to be part of it, contact us and let’s discuss!