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Blogalyzer is an intuitive & visual tool that helps marketing teams track, understand and optimise their content marketing, with a minimum amount of clicks. FR: Blogalyzer révolutionne l'analyse de contenus pour faire exploser le SEO et la conversion de ses clients. Un outil innovant que chaque marketer devra utiliser pour faire décoler sa stratégie de content et avoir une longueure d'avance sur ses concurrents

Lead Developer (potential CTO)

  • Node.js
  • ReactJS
  • Google Cloud
Supérieur à 45K€ / Année Participation : Supérieur à 15% CDI / CDD / Freelance Publiée le 17/04/19

Description de l'offre

Continue reading if you have experience with the architecture of a data-intensive SaaS + leading a team. Blogalyzer has one founder and a team of 3 remote developers working in NodeJs,Google Cloud (App Engine, Tasks), React & Python Your Profile --------------- >> Previous Experience in B2B SAAS A substantial experience in SaaS is a pre-requisite which means you’ve been through a launch, pricing changes, bugs, and a lot of trial & error before. >> data-intensive back-end architecture you know how to source & process a lot of data from different services (i.e. Google Analytics API, web scraping, wordpress api, matomo wordpress plugin,…) >> 5Y experience + interest in M/L You’ve lead teams, you’ve set up multiple projects, you’ve worked in all the frameworks and the next frontier for you is… A.I. and machine learning! >> You’re a committed problem solver 1000 customers means 1000 different cases / issues. We’re looking for someone that finds the solution to a problem ODT (or dies trying) >> Lean Startup Philosophy You understand the Lean Startup Philosophy and rather build things fast that break and iterate over it than try to do it perfect from the start >> You want to become a co-founder & you can move to Paris You’re passionate about creating something big and hopefully making a lot of money in the process by joining a team. You can also be in Paris for at least the first year. What’s in it for you? -------------------------- There’s plenty of challenges ahead, but we’re not starting from zero >> 500 companies in waiting line I’ll start with the best part: I’ve only posted a couple of times in facebook groups to get this amount of interested companies. I have good faith in serving 10.000 customers in the next 2 years. >> a huge 10.000.000+ target market Content Marketing is BIG and it is still GROWING. At the same time, marketers have to be specialised in a lot of different technical tools: they want easy, fast, visual tools. >> A team that knows how to sweat It’s never easy to start a team with a limited budget, but the people working on the project right now… they know how to work hard and sweat. >> A working prototype with 70 testers In 2018, I’ve developed a Google Sheets add-on to proof the value and tested it with 70 companies. You can use it here. >> A V1 Beta that is 95% ready We needed a web-app because the add-on had technological and user experience issues. We’ve been developing it in NodeJs since January 2019. >> Contacts with investors We’re in touch with some investors, but first step is completing the team and having a first paying customer. Would be good if you can bring your experience with investors though! More info: